A sci-fi techno-thriller

a quantum computer, the dark web, cyber-terrorists, and murder.  

After his troubled past, young Andrew Lawrence looked forward to a fresh start at MIT solving the secrets of the universe. He met bright and attractive Emma Franklin and hoped for an exciting future. But before he could begin, his world turned into a lie. Everything was torn away from him and he was embroiled in an international fraud investigation involving quantum computer hacking and murder.

Dodging the FBI while hiding from cyber-terrorists, he was forced into the underworld of the dark net, anonymous encryption, and AI financial transactions. While trying to throw off the ghosts of his haunted past, he had to run faster and faster to evade the shadowy forces after him.

Despite a troubled partnership, the ego of rivals, and the threat of cyberterrorists, Lawrence persevered on his quest to redeem himself.

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