Youngblood was a computer whiz--Kira was a kick-ass huntress. Together they could make a difference.

Youngblood was an eighteen-year-old computer whiz when his father placed him in hibernation to await a cure for his disease. But when he woke a century later, he was gasping for breath in a deserted underground bunker.

The post-apocalyptic world he found was divided between the valley settlers who lived a subsistence existence and their mountain dwelling overlords who reaped all the benefits of a 22nd Century lifestyle.

Seventeen-year-old orphan, Kira, was a kick-ass huntress who knew how to survive in this environment. So, when Youngblood was attacked by survivalists and left for dead, she saved him and together they raced to unravel humanity's darkest secrets and find a cure.

After such global devastation--one thing was certain--only a man from another century could piece together the truth and discover the power to change the future and save the world.

A wildly inventive adventure full of hairpin twists. A thrilling tale that weaves together fate, courage, and love.

For Fans of The Postman and The Time Machine.

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