A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller—for those who liked The Postman and The Time Machine

Youngblood was eighteen when his father placed him in hibernation to await a cure for his disease. But when he woke, a century later, he was gasping for breath in a deserted underground bunker of a post-apocalyptic world. Attacked by survivalists and left for dead, young Kira Simmons rescued him and nourished his spirit.

The world was a panoramic tragedy; divided between the Vale who lived a 19th Century subsistence existence as indentured servants and the Mount who reaped all the benefits of a 22nd Century lifestyle. Youngblood and Kira struggled to unite people while they searched for the remnants of their past civilization and a possible cure for his disease.

After such global devastation—one thing was certain—only a man from another century could reawaken The Spirit of America.

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