An Unidentified Flying Object materialized over the capital of Earth - bringing an alien emissary.

The ancient Chameleon race wanted to make a deal with Humans to stop the genocidal Titans. The Chameleon were humanoid but had an AI chip implanted in their brain, which gave them unique abilities.

Henry Gallant's exceptional ability to interface with AI made him the key to negotiate a mutual defense treaty and obtain the alien's superior stealth technology.

Using the advanced stealth technology, Gallant led a raid against the Titan's homeworld.

For Fans of Gattaca and Horatio Hornblower..

Review Comments

"A good solid military Sci Fi, the kind I can't put down. As I read the novel, I was reminded of Robert Heinlein's early writings."

"This could turn into a good military adventure series ..."

"This is a fun, light, quick space opera story. Add a few interesting young space pilots, mysterious aliens, genetic stereotyping, then mix and serve ..."

"Fun read ..."

"Great story ..."

"More please ..."