In an era of genetic engineering, Lieutenant Henry Gallant is the only Natural (non-genetically enhanced) officer left in the fleet. Many of his superiors, including rival Anton Neumann, have expressed concern he is not up to the challenge. However, his unique mental abilities have proven essential to the defense of the United Planets in its fight against the Titan invaders.

Serving on the first FTL prototype, the Intrepid, on its maiden voyage to Tau Ceti, Gallant finds a lost colony on the planet Elysium. Cyrus Wolfe and his son, manipulate planet politics against the democratic opposition led by James Hepburn and his granddaughter Alaina. Wolfe has allied himself with an ancient Artificial Intelligence which had lain dormant on the planet for millennia, but is now willing to protect the colonists against the Titans.

With Alaina’s help, Gallant discovers the ancient AI has a sinister ulterior motive and he matches his unique and exceptional mind against the complexity of machine intelligence to escape the ultimate trap and prevent the extermination of humanity.

In Lieutenant Henry Gallant, one man pits the naked human mind against the perspicacity of machine intelligence.

Science Fiction Adventure with Action, Mystery, and a Strong Hero - Lieutenant Henry Gallant is an exciting science fiction novel that holds your attention through a nicely balanced blend of action and interplanetary conflict.

The novel opens with a breathless, tense feel that immediately pulls the reader in—the narrative switches back and forth between the present, when Henry is wounded and fleeing from hostile aliens aboard his ship, and the events leading up to the battle. Henry and the survivors find themselves on an Earth-like planet that is unexpectedly inhabited by a small civilization of humans—and though it seems like they live in a utopia, it’s not exactly as it seems, and a dark secret lies beneath the surface of the society.

Henry is immediately set up not only as a hero, but as a person you like—he’s an outcast of sorts, without the benefits of genetic enhancement, and though he’s strong and intelligent, that didn’t keep him from losing the woman he loves to another. In Henry, the author has created a good combination of action hero/sympathetic man that appealed to me as a reader. I also liked his flirtatious relationship with Alaina—she frustrates him and draws him in in equal amounts, and I liked that she is an equally capable leader in her own right (rather than a clinging-vine type heroine who needs rescue).

Henry’s race against time to repair the Intrepid and escape from Elysium before the Titans regroup and attack again provides tension and suspense that keeps the plot moving forward, and the added mystery of the strange discovery in the jungle adds additional interest.

I have not read the first novel in this series, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the sequel at all; you can easily step into this story without being familiar with this first. Recommended to readers who like action-based science fiction about human interaction with life on other worlds.

REVIEW By Angela Thompson

Lieutenant Henry Gallant by H. Peter Alesso builds great science fiction series.

Lieutenant Henry Gallant is a page turner. I found this book to be even more engaging than the first book. I couldn't put it down from cover to cover. The character develop is well done and the storyline moves quickly and easily. I love good vs. evil battles and tales about saving the world--when they are well written as this one is... If you enjoy science fiction--this is a great series to add to to your reading list. I would suggest reading the first book as well to gain character insights and deeper background, but Lieutenant Henry Gallant could certainly be read and enjoyed on its own.
"A good solid military Sci Fi, the kind I can't put down. As I read the novel, I was reminded of Robert Heinlein's early writings."

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