Henry Gallant commands Earth's first FTL ship, the Warrior.

His mission is to attack the homeworld of the hated alien invaders, the Titans. Gallant leads the Warrior on raids against the Titans' commerce. He disrupts their military operations. Using a neural interface, he penetrates the Titans' communication network and steals a high-ranking alien’s identity. He learns about their society and fleet disposition. His hit and run tactics bewilder the enemy. Employing a brilliant strategy, he wreaks havoc with the Titans defense.

Despite the demanding military actions, Gallant seeks to mend his relationship with his lover, Alaina.

For fans of Horatio Hornblower.

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Review Comments for the Henry Gallant Saga

"This could turn into a good military adventure series ..."

"This is a fun, light, quick space opera story. Add a few interesting young space pilots, mysterious aliens, genetic stereotyping, then mix and serve ..."

"Fun read ..."

"Great story ..."

"More please ..."